Away from the Cold War mentality

POTUS Donald Trump invited his Russian peer Vladimir Putin to visit Washington this fall, the White House said on Thursday, despite the disdain for American leader both from Democrats and his colleagues in Party because of his inability to publicly condemn Putin during their meeting in Helsinki for Moscow’s interference in the US elections in the United States.

Four days after Trump stunned the world by joining Putin and thus questioning the findings of his own intelligence services, the president instructed his national security aide John Bolton to send an invitation to Putin, as was communicated by White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders.

The details of the meeting of the two leaders which was held on Monday and was attended only by their interpreters, remain a secret, even for American high-ranking officials and lawmakers who say they were not informed about the content of the talks.

Speaking at the security forum in Aspen, Colorado, US National Intelligence Director Dan Coates said he did not know what was happening during the meeting in the Finnish capital.

Both Trump and Putin evaluated their first talks in a long time as productive, contributing to the improvement of bilateral relations, accusing the US forces of trying to belittle their achievements, including, according to the American leader, the discussion of such topics as the fight against terrorism, security Israel, nuclear proliferation, cyberattacks, trade, Ukraine, peace in the Middle East and North Korea.

The invitation to visit Washington could be seen as the victory of Putin, who was last on an official visit to the United States in July 2007. After that, Putin also came to the United States to address the UN General Assembly.

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