A good guide and great tutorial for beginners in Forex

Around 2003 I started Forex trading, it was naive and very inexperienced, totally gullible to the addresses of self acclaimed experts from Forex like all who were new to the currency market was told I had to open a new account with any good Forex broker and not a demonstration of these demo in which the change was at least three to six months before trading with real money.

They advised me to enter the safe position really should consider hiring services by bone experts Forex professionals as they do the job of negotiating the percentages for benefits.

The advice they gave me, all sounded promising and simple as ABC for a child.

This convinced I made the mistake of not asking why there is not much Forex millionaire if you really were that simple to make money through operations in the foreign exchange market by buying or selling shares.

After about many I decided to throw me live trading but the fear of losing made me hire the services of only two experienced Forex traders and very prepared to care for my capital with which to start, while I do more experience.

Since a few weeks I saw my capital every day up and down, and I wondered if it was a sure thing with the assumptions that traders had hired to take charge of my capital as I had more experience in this area and could reach care my money more than me, but note lost and they began to blame certain market forces that were out of reach always saying he was assured that everything was fine and there was nothing to worry about, because they have always gone through these things in the market.

Thus I lost my initial capital, for trusting these people who were supposed professionals, a year after I was out of money.

These people ran a lot of accounts, that means they could not be aware of my own, I have so many could be neither with nor with the other and thus losing the capital of people.

It is something related to my experience, the view gives is that many people have taken good and bad performing Trading in the stock market, but we must bear in mind that Forex is a monster, the biggest market in the world but just for that You can not scare the end I decided and took courage, and began to operate on my part, because after what happened I wanted to see if I lost my money that was my fault not that of others, honestly I lost a lot money but also earn quite, best of all, the experience I have come to have to operate on my part is what better could have happened to me.

I honestly do not regret anything, now I operate every day and help me Celebrity Forex robots in the day, patience has become my best friend since I’m on the road to become a good trader who simply is not to have an emotional disturbance regardless of the results you have, if they are very large or very small bone, profits or even losses.


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